The Well

The installation consists of a projection, as large as the space permits, on one of the walls - preferably filling it. The only other attributes in the space are two loudspeakers, placed at either both walls at the sides of the projection or at the wall opposite the projection, depending on what the space permits.

The Well deals with the process of things coming into being, the way images and experiences seem to emerge in our perception and the way our thoughts emerge in our conscience. It uses raindrop-like patterns to combine multiple layers of images. This ‘compositing’ of images and image fragments is experienced as illogical by our perceptive system, which immediately starts re-interpreting the images it thinks it sees and creates completely new images. In that sense the installation deals with the process itself: coming into being. The tape is looped in such a way that beginning or end no longer exist and blend into one another. The huge projection, together with the soundtrack produces an ongoing, slowly changing, meditative environment that envelops the viewer and makes the viewer part of this experience.

Thank you

This project was made possible thanks to: Digital Postproduction Services, Amsterdam